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Ordinarily we connect buying cheese with the wonderful experience of entering a cheese shop, smelling all the extraordinary cheese bouquets, and sampling to our heart's content, at least in Country Cheeses you can. Then you leave with just the right cheeses for your upcoming dinner party, the picnic in the park or simply for tomorrow's lunch sandwich. Buying cheeses over the phone requires more trust as we do not get to see, smell and taste the cheeses we are to eat before we buy them. However with us you will still have specialist advice from one of our helpful and knowledgable staff, (who will not be reading from a monitor screen with set answers!) and they will help you select exactly the right cheeses for you. So if you are unsure where to start with your 'REAL' cheese board, have a look at the sample cheese boards we have put together for you or follow our cheese board guidelines before you go on to select. We also want to assure you that all the cheeses we send out are always in top condition and of the highest possible quality.

Below you can find three highly appetising cheese selections which have proved themselves to be very popular in our shops...just imagine the cheesy tastyness...

For Christmas, birthdays, fathers day, mothers day in fact any special day we have some special selections which you can order as a package. Or if you would like a single hunk of one lovely cheese we can do that also, just let us know.


           Example selections - the Country Cheeses 'quicke' way to a tasty              cheese board!


A basic three cheese board, ideal for four people

              Our number one for four!
             A basic three cheese board

1. Devon Blue - Creamy and sweet, cows' milk
2. Godminster soft brie style encrusted with Black Peppers- Soft ripening cheese, cows' milk, coated in cracked black pepper. Organic.
3. Our Quicke's Specially selected Cheddar - Fuller flavour, hard cheddar cheese, cow's milk







AA delicious after - dinner cheese board for six or more people

       A delicious after dinner cheese board
                   for 6 people or more

1. Beenleigh Blue, nutty and sweet, ewes' milk 2. Sharpham - Soft ripening cheese, jersey cows' milk
3. Vulscombe with Herbs - Soft fresh goats' milk cheese, pretty!
4. Little Stinky - Smelly, creamy, orange coloured cows' milk cheese
5. Keen's Mature Cheddar - Creamy and strong, cows' milk







A basic three cheese board

                  A simply stunnig variety
             for a cheese and wine tasting

1. Blue Bay -  Our own special cheese, savoury and delicious.
2. Blue Vinney - crumbly tasty cow's milk
3. Godminster soft brie style- soft ripening organic cow's milk cheese
4. Withybrook Pyramid - charcoal coated soft goat's milk cheese
5. Rachel - washed rind goat's cheese
6. Buffalo  Bill - hard mature and gutsy Buffalo cheese.
7. Rustic Herb - semi hard cow's milk cheese with chive and garlic
8. Montgomery Mature - full flavoured tangy cheddar
9. Little Ryding - soft ripening sheep's milk cheese












If these cheese selections get your taste buds going email us with your choice/questions or

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                Some Cheese Board Guidelines


Decide how much cheese you need

Allow 2oz / 60g per person if the cheese is part of a larger meal, or 3 - 4 oz / 90 - 120g per person if the cheese is the only food present. This is the amount of cheese each person needs ALTOGETHER and not for each cheese! Nothing is worse than tiny slices of cheese, so better to have a little more than required than not enough. Remember, it's not the end of the world if you have some left over - you can use the odd bits in cooking, or even freeze them.

Decide how many cheeses you want

To reiterate - there's nothing less appetising on a cheese board than tiny slices of cheese, you want CHUNKS! Therefore, think back to how much cheese you need. If it's a relatively small amount, stick to three cheeses, (no matter how tempting it is to buy FIFTYthree) as you can then buy a nice generous amount of each. If you're catering for more people and require a larger amount of cheese then you can afford to select a bigger range, without compromising the size of the pieces. Unless it is a cheese tasting however, you don't want to phase your guests with too much choice - six cheeses for a larger gathering is usually sufficient.

Decide which cheeses you want

Remember that variety is cheese king. Think of different types of cheese, different textures, strengths, milks and colours. And don't forget, just because you may not be the biggest fan of goats' cheese, doesn't mean your guests agree.

You can email or phone us to ask for more advice and recommedations.

We are always happy to help.

And now enjoy browsing all our lovely cheeses, which we have seperated into Hard Cows Milk Cheese, Blue Cheese, Hard Goat Sheep and Buffalo Cheese, Soft Cheese and Washed Rind Cheese.


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