Joanne and Nick's cake

"We just wanted to say a belated thank you for providing the wonderful cheeses for our wedding cake. Everybody absolutely loved it - I've never seen hordes of people descending on a wedding cake before in the hopes of getting seconds - but they certainly did at our wedding!"






We were so amazed when Joanne and Nick sent us their wedding pictures. The cake they chose looked wonderful and whoever got the job of decorating it, did a fantastic job! A great example of how simply the cakes can be put together and be decorated - with stunning results!


You can create this cake from the base upwards with:

    • Greens cheddar - very creamy and mature cheddar
    • Cornish Yarg - mild Cornish cheese, covered with nettles
    • Meldon - creamy hard cheese, mature with mustard and ale
    • Elmhirst - very creamy soft cheese with added cream
    • Partridges Blue - very creamy, tangy blue cheese
    • Sloe Tavy - our very own wash rind goat's cheese hearts
    • Vulscombe log chunks -creamy, fresh and mild goat's cheese


                                Heather's cake

"Thank you so much for the lovely cheeses for our wedding. It caused quite a stir - I don't think any of our guests had ever seen a Cheesy Wedding Cake! They thought it was a marvelous idea! We had lots of compliments on the cheeses and all were very impressed they were all from Devon and Cornwall."









We thought the cake above looked amazingly classy. It can be created from the base upwards with the following cheeses:

    • Cornish Yarg - mild Cornish Cheese, covered with nettles
    • Devon Blue - A very savoury blue cheese. Moist yet slightly crumbly
    • Elmhirst - very creamy soft cheese with added cream
    • Withybrook - a charcoal coated goat’s cheese in a pyramid shape


                   Kate and George's cake

"Thank you for the wonderful cheeses Country Cheeses provided for our wedding. They were a huge success, so many people commented on them and we loved the fact we didn't have to have a 'real' cake. We have frozen a little to have in our new home. Thank you for the great service we received, everyone in the shop was extremely helpful and knowledgeable."







Kate and George's stunning cake can be created using the following cheeses from the base upwards:

                      Montgomery cheddar

                            Cornish Yarg

                          Shropshire Blue


         2 Heart-shaped Sloe Tavy for decoration



Below you can find a few more lovely pictures and comments we received. If any one of the cakes strikes you in particular, we will happily discuss how to create it with you. Just send us an email and you are on your way...


                    "Can I just say a huge thanks for the cheeses that you supplied for my wedding. 

                                            They went down a storm - every bit was eaten!! "

                 Sarah and Matt's cake                                                      Rachel and Rob's cake











          "The cheese cake for our wedding was amazing and very much enjoyed by all – thank you

                                   so much again for all your help in choosing the cheese and

                                               making sure it was all perfect on the day!"

              Sam and Marie's cake                                                    Mark and Jennifer's cake








                                                                   Mel's cake


                                Jennifer's cake









               "I just wanted to say how wonderful the cheese cake was that we had for our wedding.

                                     It seemed a bit of a novelty but everyone was very excited

                               and couldn't wait for us to cut it so they could start devouring it."


                          Clare's cake                                                                      Sally's cake


              Lisa and Jeremy's cake                                                           Rebecca's cake



                         "Not only was the cheesecake a huge success at the wedding itself,

                 but also the next day when we had a large number of the guests, including a

                                   huge contingent of French, to lunch here at home.

             I spent much of the lunch explaining the origins of each of the cheeses to the French

                    (who kept coming back for more and more) and who had not believed that

                                  the English could produce such excellent cheeses."


        something more special about Country Cheeses cheese.

It is worth noting that we win prizes for our cheese maturing, so the cheese you will get will have been lovingly matured by us to the standard we sell in our shops. We pride ourselves with the care and affinity lavished on our cheeses, they are all superbly made by artisan cheesemakers, we then take them to 'cheese finishing school' After 25 years in cheese we are pretty good at what we do. On a day as special as your wedding you deserve the best and we strive to make it so. Don't forget we can do the same for special birthdays, christmas or any other big occasion

This is a stairway to heaven--ly cheese. Effortless in simplicity yet tasty as you like :) The fruit paste hearts are divine Sharpham wine, cranberries and orange which compliment the cheeses in a most divine way





We like this one, we thought we would give an idea of how an impressive cake can be made for smaller numbers of both guests and £'s We can cut cheeses others are not so keen to do so.




Simple but so special.



          Truly the berries!





An aerial shot.... of the berries.


This is truly BIG.












                                                                                 What a star!

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