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Sorry for the crass use of oversize font:) but we are very, very proud! Our customers are the special ones as without you guys we would have a whole lot of (very fine) cheese to eat!!


  Top cheese folk Marie and Elise (we have 2 Elises')   at the Prestigious   ceremony at Marcus Wareings in London.





Our cheeses taste different, because they are....

The actual Keens Cheddar GOLD medal cheese from the Global Cheese Awards frome cheese show


No wonder Elise and Heather look happy!


And the beautiful vintage GOLD MEDAL Keens Cheddar from the Shepton Mallet show being exammined up close by Bex and Jacky in Tavistock






Country Cheeses Gold Award

Country Cheeses' specially aged Cornish Yarg Won the catagory of 'Best Cheese Board Cheese'

As with all our aged cheese we look for lots of character and pleasing texture. Nice to think the judges agreed :) :)

Wedding Cheese cakes have taken off at Country Cheeses.

I would just like to say A BIG THANK YOU to all you cheese loving newly weds who allowed us to be part of your very special day. May you all have a most wonderful future with each other and of course keep eating proper cheese!

We have been getting so much response to our  cheese wedding cakes, from the web site and through our specialit cheese shops we would like to wish anyone about to marry great happiness for the future.and how about starting off wedded bliss with the best cheese wedding cake in the universe from Country Cheeses first and formost we care what our cheese tastes like and we would very much enjoy supplying this hugely important part of your wedding day.


Green dreams coming true at Country Cheeses!


As of so many others, we are aware of the over dependancy on depleting energy resources, it's a huge issue. We have been pondering for a while how we could do more on this front and

how we can do more for our cheeses. Using Thermal Gradient (Geo) we can use the natural properties of the earth  to keep a very stable cool temperature, and cheese friendly humidity all year round AND no nasty gasses used in refrigeration, no breakdowns and no unnecessary waste of precious resources. Completely carbon neutral, importantly the cheeses love it!



Apart from this very obvious environmental benefit the usage of natural cold storage rather than artificial refrigeration provides a very good environment for the cheeses to mature in.

We have been selling and maturing artisan cheese for 25 years  and the cheeses we are producing now are the finest tasting examples ever! In fact, the 'Country Cheeses' specially aged   Cornish Yarg won 'best cheese board cheese' at the Devon  county Show twice! Our cheese really does Rock!

Yes, We make it too. This is our Bliss cheese.         And the Cheesetastically talented Mr Rainbow

Gary and Bex 'moulding' the curd.



I would like to let all you 'cheese interwebbers' know we like the more characterful, challenging flavours, so all you folk who would like some zing in your cheese and cannot get a decent taste from cheese rated number 7 at the super market-- what does that mean anyway? I just dont know or understand why 'a number 7' cheese is going to be, well, Strong . You can't put a number on cheese to describe it's character, it would be like saying I am number 9, completely hopeless and meaningless. We have strong cheese which will satisfy all of you who not only want a real good zap, but also a big wholesome cheese flavour . Flavours with maybe the punch of Ali (if you are mature yourself) or the kick of a mule, if you've been on the receiving end of muffins hoof you will know what I mean, or maybe a clout from Lennox Lewis (a bit more recent) And of course Daniel Craig of James Bond fame, you would not like to get on the wrong side of him, because he is strong but in a meaningful way. These are not numbers, but in a funny way convey much more feeling as to what you can expect from our strong cheese. They are WELL STRONG AND FLAVOURSOME.

At the moment if Trad rinded is your preference our super aged Double Gloucester will leave you with a huge and satisfied smile.

Or on the other hand we are maturing a super unrinded farm made Alminstone cheddar at both 18 months and two years of age which can be guaranteed to give splendid results in the satisfaction department.

Sorry I have rabbitted on, come in our shops to taste or get us to send you some and you know what happens when you say cheese :) :)

All the best


This has nothing to do with anything apart from the fact, it will be not probably but certainly the best pizza 'IN THE WORLD' I know as i have eaten many before:)

one of my wife's home made pizza's with Whitelake goat Fetish. Yum Yum!



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