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About us – History

It all started with eating a whole lotta cheese and a fascination for how and why. This incredible food changed the more we enquired and the more we learnt the more intrigued we became. And the seeds were sewn … Country Cheeses was born in 1989 in Tavistock Pannier Market with Gary & Elise moving out into the Tavistock shop in 1994! Very much like a cheese our business has matured over time into something really special that we have been able to build and share with our amazing customers, or indeed cheese family, and has got better and better along the whey!

So we built up from our market stall with only half a dozen local cheeses out into the market perimeter shop where you can still find us in today with many many more cheeses. We’ve branched out into the Totnes and Topsham communities too where the cheese love has well and truly been shared across Devon.

With our deep interest and passion for all things cheesy, a decade ago we took a leap into the underground cheese world and hand built our very own CAVE! It is in this cave that the terroir of our North Dartmoor home is rooted. Amazingly cheese, rather like people, responds to its surroundings. The flavours it presents and character it possesses. Living amongst many local favourites in the cave are our very own cheeses, made by our own hand, matured under our careful watch, nurtured into totally delicious end results & served to you by us! It doesn’t get more …  than that!

For some reason, these are all alpine inspired. We love creating cheeses that can truly express the marvels within the unpasteurised milk and the traditional, authentic cheesemaking methods we use.