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Our Cheeses

Many years ago, after we’d caught the cheese passion bug we wanted to delve deeper than maturation and take our insight to the next level so we started having our own ideas for cheeses, tweaking and developing our own recipes. We started our creating 30 years with Trehill – the gorgeously garlicky hard cheese then moved into softs, blues, goats and alpine styles…..

Sweet Charlotte

Gary has spent time tweaking and perfecting this excellent (if we do say so ourselves!) Gruyere inspired cheese. Made up in the cheese dairy of cheese legend Philip Rainbow and matured in our own cheese cave on the edge of Dartmoor. It’s smooth but nutty, flavourful but not tangy. P V 

Blue Bay

A unique blue cheese made only for us at Country Cheeses. It has a delicious savoury flavour that holds its own but equally has a subtlety that will win the hearts of non-blue lovers! The perfect cheeseboard blue! P V 


A very special soft, mould ripening brie style cheese made to a Country Cheeses recipe – you can only get it from us! Rich and buttery as its made with Jersey cows milk with a full flavour when ripe. UNP V 


The newest addition to the Country Cheeses family this cheese is something a bit bonkers! It’s strong, so strong! Made using an Appenzeller recipe and we’ve mature it on for a good long time to ensure its punchy flavour. UNP


Named after our farm this is a must for Garlic lovers.  The cheese is creamy and smooth with loads of garlic added, wonderful on a cheese board and delicious melted!   PV


Gary’s very Devonshire take on an alpine style cheese – Bliss has the nuttiness and sweetness you’d expect from an alpine but with a bit more attitude in its finish which comes from its months spent maturing in our very own cheese cave! You won’t find anything quite like it! P V 


An ash coated goats cheese made just for Country Cheeses by Nicky & Greg at Sharpham. Crumbly and delicate when its young but gathering strength and softness as it matures. P V

Little Stinky

Made for and matured by Country Cheeses on the North edge of Dartmoor.  This is a supple yielding little chap with the addition of a cider washed rind for that special aroma and texture.  Cows milk.   P V


A Country Cheeses special! Our own recipe cheese made for us by Sharpham in the Dart Valley. Goats milk. Named after Chemmy Allcott the Olympic skier – we thought she was great! P V 

Bakesy Meadow

Nicky makes this soft and silky mould ripening cheese which is a delight to eat. It’s delicate goaty flavour lingers in the mouth and leaves you wanting more! P V 

Devon Sage

Our own cheese that you just cant get anywhere else! Our own local take on a Sage Derby – a hard cows milk cheese  with loads of lovely added sage for a real savoury and sagey flavour – great in a sauce or melted on anything! Made by the Curworthy ladies just outside Jacobstowe, Devon.  P V 

How to Order…

Please call us and let us know what sort of cheese you like and we’ll be able to put together the perfect cheeseboard!

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